Saturday, December 5, 2009

Altered Book round robin

In my aussie altered art group, we are doing an altered book round robin, it is going to look fantastic when it is done, here are the pages I just completed

My tree

I love prim trees, no more tinsel and glitter for me, here is a picture of my tree and a new mouse I made this year

Som more goodies

I love Dee Duncan patterns and here is another one I finished of Santas Clock, also some ornies I made for a swap and a dolly I made for a swap

Some more altered art

A tree christmas card holder and a canvas
I made for a friend for a swap

Christmas Goodies

Some christmas goodies I have done, some for swaps and alot for

Golly quilt

I am a collector of these so made myself a lap quilt especially to use as a table cloth....


Sorry, everyone, been a busy few months and now Christmas is almost here, I have done a bit of crafting but nothing much to talk about lately. Here are some photos of things I have been making, I finished these both off last night for a swap I am in, I love how they both turned out

Monday, November 9, 2009

Hot Hot Hot

Sorry Ive been so slack in posting, it has been a busy month for me with work and now summer has hit us in the middle of spring. I finally did some sewing last weekend and got them base painted, so hopefully should finish those off soon and post some pictures. I have done a little bit of altered art and some swaps at Swapbot. This is an advent calender I have made for a swap and it is made out of matchboxes. all the drawers are filled with goodies. I also made all my Christmas cards ready to go.....hopefully Ill finish some things off this week and post some new pictures..

Monday, September 28, 2009

A busy sewing week....

Ive had a busy week sewing, haven't done that for awhile so I had a great time doing it, these are what I made and theyre all for me.....

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Whats in store.....

I have a couple of patterns I have drafted and will be listing for sale at my blog, I am hoping to list these in next couple of weeks, I will also run a competition at the same time...more details to come soon so keep an eye out!!!!!

Altered Canvas Swap

I am hosting an altered canvas swap at my group and I had 2 to make, one lady wanted roosters and the other likes quotes so these are what I came up with.... Hope they like them

I love the USA

I love hubby and I both have an American heritage in our family tree so it gives me an excuse to make some gorgeous things. Here is the American Eagle I have just made, he is such a big fellow and was a joy to make

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Last post for today.......

Last post, I I really need to make this a weekly thing instead of inundating everyone once a month

I made this altered altoid tin for a halloween swap in my ATC swap, the photos unfortunately dont do it justice as in the flesh it is very 3D. Wish I had more access to altoid tins in Oz. They are fantastic tins to alter

On my group

On my Australian Altered Arts group, I am holding a monthly challenge, I post a choice of two pictures and then the girls can make whatever they want from them and the members then vote for their favourite. I m not competing but I did contribute and made this tin for pens, it has come in very handy and takes pride and place on my desk at work. Im also hosting a domino swap and I have altered these dominoes and then made a wallet to put them in, Im really happy with how they turned out

Cushions and dolls

Ive decided to make some mix matched cushions for my lounge, here is the first, Ive traced out a heap to redwork and to paint, just need to get started on them. I then decided I needed dolls for the laundry...can never have enough dolls in all rooms of the house can

Made some things for myself

Im happy with how these turned out, I have a reall addiction for Prairie dolls at the moment so made these ones up and aged a fruit tin to put them in, I also made some owls...Im infatuated with owls and these were the perfect size for my bookshelf

Halloween Swaps

I have been busy making some halloween swap items for 2 yahoo groups I am in, the first could be anything so I made Laura Ann a cute cat and the second is a make do.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some altered art

I Love Owls at the moment, they are becoming an Here is an altered canvas I made the other is an altered tag (no owls on this one)

Feels like spring

Well it feels like spring, the weather has been lovely. I am not a winter person so this is great. I havent done too much sewing, too busy with birthdays and running around but I have had a little time to make a few things. Here is a cushion I have just finished to match my quilt

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Not sure about this one....

She fits into my kitchen well but not too sure about this From a Sweet Meadow Farms pattern I think I like how I did the pie more than I did the

Big Fella....

This guy is HUGE......he didnt take as much stuffing as I thought, and I loved making him, he is gorgeous

Prim ornaments

I felt like making more stuff for me for around the home, I go through spurts like that, so I made a welcome banner and a stitched "roulade"

Kitty Kats

These are both from a soft in the head pattern, Im not normally a cat lover but these I loved, very quirky with alot of personality.

Swap Belindy

Here is another Belindy I made for a swap....Ill be making this doll in my sleep soon but she is alot of fun to make

Finally done..............

I have been working on this quilt for awhile now. I finished all my blocks before Christmas but have been putting off the inevitable....sewing it all together. I was down to my last three days of holidays before heading back to work so I made myself sit down and get it donw. I dont know why I was worrying, I only had to unpick What a relief and now I am starting on a candlewick one..

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Last one

Finally made something for me, an altered canvas for my bedroom


My daughters 16th birthday is coming up so I wanted to make some little things to put in with her parcles, she wants to be a doctor and is in her 2nd to alst year of school so I made her a tag book of inspirational quotes, a little photo display and finally a small scrapbook that I didnt put photos in, Ive left it up to her to add her own pics.