Thursday, December 11, 2008

I found this at Jazy's blog at

So do you want to play with me? The first 3 visitors to my blog and leave a comment saying that they would like to be involved will receive a handmade gift from me within 365 days. You must email me to confirm your details.

These 3 visitors must have their own blog, place the PIF logo on your blog and link it back to me. Then you must offer the same to the first 3 visitors to visit your blog and follow the above steps that I have done. Remember their is no have one year to PIF.


Kristine said...

Hi Kirrily!!
What a great way to start the new year!!!
I'd love to play "Pay it Forward"
with you!! ;-)
You know where to find me!hee,hee!!!
Have a great day!!!!

Laura Ann said...

Pay It Forward...boy do I NEED to be involved in this!!! Boy...bless your heart!!! I think it would do my heart some good. I would like to commit to this if I may..Like know where to find me too!!!!
Hugs Kirrily!!!
Laura Ann