Friday, January 15, 2010

Some swap items

I finally dragged myself in to do some sewing. I am in a Alice in Wonderland swap in one of my groups so I have made the queen of hearts and alice, I am hoping to add the white rabbit this weekend. I am also in a birthday swap, as I get side tracked with work, I thought I would whip up a few of the parcles in advance so I just have to mail them when the time comes. The birthday dolly turned out so cute, I still need to put a candle in her cake (its been so hot I didnt want it to and I love the koalas, I made those for all my overseas friends. I couldnt find any nice aussie fabric so I used tea towels and the clothes turned out pretty well I think


Anonymous said...

Hi Kirrily, they all look great, you are well organised, I really love the koalas. Kind Regards

.Tracey said...

Lovely stuff Kirrily as always..