Monday, April 25, 2011

Dare To Be Different

Quirky little girl I made from and Off the Beam pattern. She was designed to be a garden angel, but you know me, my dolls never turn out like the pattern. I wanted something funky for my daughter


Kristine said...

very cute and spunky!! :)

Jo James said...

Hi there-

You are a winner my little paper doll giveaway!
I pulled your name out of the Alice hat, so I'm sending her to live with you.
If you could please send along your address I'll stick her in the mail asap.

Smiles- Jo

Flora said...

LOVELOVELOVE !!!!!FRom colors to designs this came out fantastical Kirrily!!!I'm sure your dd ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT!!!!

Five Roses-Prim and Pretty said...

Thanks Flora, Karagh loved her